Maybe you haven’t had a chance to play our new interactive game, Race2Riches yet. If you haven’t, you’re missing a ton of fun.

About a week ago, we had a Race2Riches Playing Party at Twelve Restaurant and Lounge on H St., NE, and we had a good time watching people win money as the horses they bet on crossed the finish line. On the same day, our Executive Director, Buddy Roogow, met Ivan Carter, host of Washington Post Live, at Cafe International to talk more about the horse race and show him how much fun it was.  Here’s the video (which has lots of pop-up funnies!): Buddy Roogow Talks Race2Riches

9 Responses to “Race2Riches: Horse Racing in D.C.!”

  1. Frank Mccray Says:

    I lOve the fact that it gives us folks that never experienced horse racing a chance to be apart of it and actually win

  2. Demitria Deas Says:

    I like that the Race2Riches game allows you to constantly play. The games are frequent w/ 12 horses running every 5 minutes. What better way to virtually do horse racing @ any dc lottery retailers. It is also great that you can pay more to increase your odds. The #1 horse is the best…..and 12 is the worst odd, all depends on what you are looking for..bigger pay day or better odds! The game gives you so many options….

  3. Demitria Deas Says:

    Great odds at this game and great frequency to play. 12 horses every 5 minutes can’t be beat! You also have a variety of options to win. you can either bet more and play less favorable odds for a bigger payout or play better odds with a less chance at the big proze. It allows all players to find a comfortable place to bet.

  4. Anthony Chu Says:

    I love that the odds for the horses stay the same. It makes playing Race2Riches a lot easier.

  5. Renee Matthews Says:

    I like that it’s an inter-active game that you can play with friends and family almost anywhere. Also, you don’t have to smell the horses to participate and win big money!

  6. Stephanie Says:

    I like that its fast paced and anyone can win!

  7. Brenda Hall Says:

    I love rags to riches…what I liked most about the video was the fun facts about the tracks and the fact that Buddy is the perfect size for a jockey…he has NEVER been a Jockey..although Ivan wears Jockeys!!! LOL!!!

  8. Brenda Hall Says:

    Oops I Meant *Race2Riches*….I was thinking I go in playing in rags and come out in riches (LOL)

  9. Steph Says:

    Hey everybody! Thanks for playing; we just picked two winners at random for this game, and it turns out that the fellas are the big winners today: Anthony Chu and Marcellus Connor! Give us a call at 202.645.9317 to set up a time to pick up your tickets today or Friday. Congratulations!!!